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1Q. Can DaCore earplug make me hear no sound outside completely?

1A. Sound transmits through Solids Liquids and Gasses interfaces, except in outer space, there is no sound because of no air, so sound can not be eliminated completely. But the DaCore earplug can block and lower noise by 35 dB, helping you build up your sleep environment in a quiet and comfortable space to improve the quality of sleep.


2Q. DaCore earplug works well, but why it is more expensive than the other products on the market?               

2A. DaCore earplug is a new development product specifically designed for sleeping and was launched in 2013 early. As the high cost of the Air Valve has a double effect of breathability and noise filtering, durable and not easily damaged, its user's efficiency is far more than the similar products on the market and can be used for more than 3 years under normal circumstances, it is a high-efficiency and high C/P ratio products.


3Q. why wearing earplugs causes ear pain and headache? 

3A. With regular earplugs usually being non-breathable, the earplugs can block out the noise but also block out the air circulation, when the air pressure inside and outside stays unbalanced that makes your ear get pain and headache.


4Q. How to solve the problem of ear pain and headache on wearing earplugs?

4A. DaCore earplug is designed as a user-friendly and comfortable sleep earplug. It contains a core of Air Valve, with the double effect of breathability and noise filtering. It does not create the stuffiness, tinnitus, and uncomfortableness with regular earplugs that are non-breathable. It allows the ears to continue to breathe naturally, while the Air Valve can excellently filter noise and effectively insulate high and low-frequency noises, greatly improving the quality and comfort of sleeping, and helping users to wake up fully energized! 


5Q. generally, wearing ear plugs will hear the noise of tinnitus and heartbeat clearly make feel very uncomfortable, wonder if  DaCore Ear-Plug could solve such trouble?

5A. With regular earplugs on the market usually are non-breathable, when the ear-Plug completely sealed outside air and sound, you will clearly hear the sound of heartbeat and tinnitus coming from your inside. DaCore Ear-Plug with an Air-Valve device can make the ear continue to breathe naturally after wearing Ear-Plug, and keep the air inside and outside staying balanced, so it can solve the above trouble.


6Q. How often will the ear foam tips be replaced?   Can the ear foam tips be used for water to wash?

6A. If use for sleep only, the ear foam tips can be reused for a few weeks to a few months, it depends on your preference. As the ear foam tips are made of PU Foam material, not suitable for washing, to ensure personal hygiene, the ear foam tips can be replaced whenever they are damaged or dirty.


7Q. Is it suitable for children's use?

7A. It is suitable for children with heights over 150 cm.


8Q. When wearing a DaCore earplug can I hear the conversation of others and the phone calling?

8A.  Yes, when wearing a DaCore earplug during working time,  you can hear outside sounds and phone calls, You can keep working activities normally but still retain personal quiet space. For example, if the office noise level of 70 dB, after wearing the DaCore earplug, the hearing volume still retains about 35 dB, this volume level is very quiet and comfortable. We recommend that you can download an APP to measure the noise in your living environment. 


9Q.  Is it comfortable for a side sleeper?

9A.  DaCore earplug is specially designed for sleep purposes, compact design with a length of 2.3cm makes the earplug expose the outer ear only 0.5cm after wear, as the Dacore earplug is flexible and bendable, it will turn along with your posture to adjust an appropriate position when turning side sleep, so it is quite comfortable for a side sleeper.